Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Night Train at Deoli" - Amazing read.


For the first time, I read a story book authored by Ruskin Bond. "Night Train at Deoli and other Stories" is a colorful collection of the tragedy, happiness, horror, glory, romance and innocence filled characters. I think most of the characters in the stories have a tragic end, but make you forget your own grieves, because what the characters go through is more painful than your own pain.
Ruskin Bond ( Image source - wikipedia)

For example, the story of 'Pehlwan' wrestler who once was respected by everyone in the village, meets a tragic end to his life. Turning into a beggar from a wrestler in itself is quite painful to imagine. Then there is the story of the river island girl, who survives the flood of the river, which takes everything that she had on that island, including the Peepul tree whose branches were the only hope for her own life survival.

The way of writing is very much vivid, it is quite easy to imagine small details of the plot and character. There is a romantic tragic story towards the end of the book, in which the author writes a letter to his past love named "Sushila", a girl of mere 16 years of age, with whom this 30 years old man(author), once fell in love.

It was painful to know that the girl was having two other affairs at the time, and therefore the letter was a goodbye letter to her. The story contains some adult scenes, but they are the essence of the story and the characters.  I don't prefer the tragic stories, but the way of the writing and the immense vocabulary, which I don't have, kept me tied till the end.

Thank you :)