Saturday, January 26, 2013

Book Review: "Surveying Vol-1 - Dr. B.C. Punmia


Engineers has to do all the work, including writing the review for the books.

Book Title: Surveying Vol. I
Author :  Dr. B. Punmia, Ashok K. Jain, Arun K. Jain

I have studied this book in my Engineering  degree and I still read this book. It  covers topics of the Plane surveying. The content of the book are:
1. fundamental definition and concepts
2.Accuracy and errors
3. Linear measurements
4. Chain surveying
5. The compass
6.The Theodolite
7.Traverse Surveying
8. Omitted measurements.
9. Levelling
11. Plane table surveying
12. Calculation of Area
13. Measurement of Volume
14. Minor instruments.
15. Trigonometric Levelling
16. Permanent adjustments of Level
17.Precise Levelling
18. Permanent adjustments of Theodolite
19.Precise Theodolite
20. Setting out works.
21.Special instruments.
22. Tacheometric Surveying
23. Electronic Theodolite
24.Electromagnetic Distance measurement (EDM)

As you can see there is a long list of the topics covered in this book and it might be not easy to read it all in one semester but the book contains almost everything that is their in the syllabus of the Engineering studies.

There is one topic "Curves" which is in the Engg. syllabus of the many technical universities which is not in this book, so might have to look for other volumes of the book. The book contain enough explanation of the topics and contains the solved examples also.

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