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Diary of a Young Girl - Anne Frank (A book review)

Originally titled as 'Het Achterhuis' and published in June 25, 1947, the content of this Dutch manuscript was created by Anne Frank in a diary, which was offered to her as a gift on her 13th birthday on 12 June 1942. They had moved to Amsterdam after losing the German citizenship. After Nazis took the control of Germany, Netherlands was attacked constantly and many Jews were murdered while other were taken to the concentration camps.
Anne Frank (image source: Wikipedia)
Being a Jewish family, her father decides to conceal his family in a secret annexe of a building, where he worked earlier. In the period from 14 June 1942 to 1 August 1944, Anne wrote about her daily activities, describing details of the others' as well, who include her mother-father a sister and another married couple Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan with a son named as Peter.

They are joined by a doctor named as Dussel, and are visited by the office manager and few others, to provide them with the latest news and ration, and other basic commodities for living. They could not put their feet outside for a single moment, could not make a noise that goes outside, could not uncurtain their windows and could not enjoy the sunshine etc. What a pity!

 In despair, they had to limit their activities and suppress many desires. Anne being a child of mere 13 years old age, starts to put her feelings on a diary. In the span of two years she had been writing for at least one day per week. They have a radio, to which they listen hopefully to get the news of English sweeping the Nazis from the Netherlands.
But, unfortunately that news does not take place, so Anne had nothing much to write about, other than her feelings for her mother father and sister and her irritation with Mr. Van Daan, her husband and Mr. Dussel. In between that period she gets infatuated with Peter, and thinks it to be love, but then again gets confused.

According to the internet source '', some parts of the manuscript were eliminated, because Anne was too liberal to write about her sexuality. In her diary she writes about her desire to get her diary published, after reading this Mr. Otto frank, her father and the lone survivor of the whole group gets it published.

Anne and her sister Margot, after they were taken to concentration camp, died probably from Typhus in March 1945. Her father said, if she had been alive to watch her diary get published, she would be very much proud. She wanted to become a journalist or writer. Her diary was published in English in 1952. I read the English version of the book, of course!

World war 2 is the biggest historical event in the history of the world, because it changed the way our world run. It has human feelings attached to it, and this sole reason makes this book special in itself. The book is rich in English vocabulary, and therefore is a help for my literary skills altogether. Being a chronology, book has no chapters, it appears to be a true diary of a young girl.

Thank you!

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