Friday, December 12, 2014

Understanding the 'Power of your Subconscious Mind' by 'Joseph Murphy'

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This is the 10th book review that I am about to write in the year 2014. Last review was about the book "Night Train at Deoli" by Ruskin Bond. I read "Power of Subconscious mind earlier than the latter, but somehow forgot to write a review for it. Well, before I tell you anything about the book, I suggest you to go through the list of the reviews of the books that I have wrote here earlier, and chose to read the one about the book that you already have read.

If my review matches with yours, I suppose you will enjoy this one too. As the name of the book itself suggests, it is about our subconscious mind, a mystery to most of the people. Reason is that the most difficult thing to do is to read and control your own mind. There are people, which do lot of meditation and take a big time of their life to understand the working of our mind. Joseph Murphy has done a lot of research to come out with the facts, which support his professing that there is a mind called 'Subconscious Mind', that can perform the miracles, if demanded so.

Jesus knew this secret and he was able to do the miracles, so was Buddha, and many other people do it for themselves. He explains why some people get their eyesight back, some get huge amount of wealth and some get peace, and so many other miraculous things, which happen when people visit the temples, churches, monasteries and mosques. Is there really a power named as 'God', who listens to and fulfills their demand?

You really don't have to answer that question for me, because its a matter of belief to me. People believe, that is why the 'God' exist. Beliefs are the children of our mind, therefore the mind becomes the real creator of God, or I should say that mind is the God.
More precisely, they call it the 'Subconscious Mind', a part of the brain, which controls most of our body functions such as dreams, digestion(almost all the internal body organs), blinking of our eyes, breathing, courage and Phobias etc.

The healing of any of our damaged cells and bounds takes place more faster at night, when we are asleep, is also a function of our subconscious mind. The reason it works more effectively at night is because it is undisturbed by your conscious mind. Consciously we don't even know that there exist such a thing called, sub-conscious Mind, but our logical mind can't deny it.

There are so many other books, which talks about the subconscious mind and its workings, to name a few "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill; "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne and many others, which makes it a beautiful collection of the books on the Subconscious Mind. I simply enjoyed reading it.
Final words, but not the least, if you have anything to share related to the books on the Subconscious Mind, please leave a comment.

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