Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Usain Bolt- Faster than Lightening" with Matt Allen ( A book Review)

Hi, How is you? Two days ago, I finished reading this book.
Published by HarperCollins publishers, I read 'Usain Bolt- Faster than lightning' in its eBook mode. Faster than lightening is I think the first book by Usain Bolt, and as you know that Usain is only about 28 years old, so book covers his life story up to the year 2013.

Book covers story of his first small win at school to the Olympic Gold medals in 2008 and 2012, in Beijing and London Olympics respectively. I think Usain has poured his heart into his book, he has revealed his thoughts and emotions at every big event of his life.
If you want to know what goes into the mind of this legend, who has the world records in 100m, 200 m sprints and many more, and has a history of breaking his own world records, read this book.

Jamaica is a country having the history of producing the Olympic runners for winning the medals, Usain puts his own views behind this fact.
Book has been divided into 16 chapters, and is not a very long one, if you have read the Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi, that was lengthy one, this one is about one fourth of that. When I read this book, I feel that I can also become a sprinter, because Usain has made it easy to do that.

He has shown that he won the races, when he had a carefree attitude, I mean not caring about the audience. All he cared about while running a race was the feet on the line, a head popping ahead of him which rarely happened once he started to win. He talks about his Lightning Bolt expression, of which he shares more than one picture at the end of the book.
The language of the book is very much simple, easy to read and understand.

I think book was totally worth reading.

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