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"Strength of Materials" by R.S.Khurmi - A Short Review

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Book Title: Strength of Materials
Author: R.S.Khurmi

 I end up reading this book for the subject "strength of materials" which is a basic subject for the Civil engineers and Mechanical Engineers also. This book has titled 36 chapters and have presented them in the colored print. There are pictures and diagrams which look good. The numerical problems are provided everywhere with solved examples as well as unsolved. The book has some minor mistakes sometimes, otherwise the material is okay.

Chapters included in the book are listed as below:
1. Introduction
2.Simple stresses and strains
3. Stresses and strains in bars of varying sections
4.Stresses and strains in statically indeterminate structures.
5. Thermal stresses and strains
6. Elastic constants.
7. Principal stresses and strains
8. Strain Energy and impact Loading.
9. Center of Gravity
10. Moment of Inertia
11. Analysis of perfect frames(Analytic method)
12. Analysis of perfect frames (Graphical method)
13 Bending moment and shear force.
14. Bending stresses in simple beams
15 Bending stresses in composite beams
16 Shearing stresses in beams
17. Direct and bending stresses
18. Dams and retaining walls
19 Deflection of Beams
20. Deflection of cantilevers
21. Deflection by moment area method
22. Deflection by conjugate beam method
23. Propped cantilevers and beams
24. Fixed beams
25. Theorem of three moments
26. Moment distribution method
27. Torsion of circular shafts
28. Springs
29. Riveted Joins
30. welded Joints
31. Thin Cylindrical and Spherical shells
32. Thick Cylindrical and Spherical shells
33. Bending of curved bars
34. Columns and struts
35. Introduction to reinforced concrete.
36. Mechanical properties of Materials.

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