Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"THINK AND GROW RICH" - by Nepolean Hill ( A book Review)


Recommended by a numbers of business people,  and self help Gurus, I will show you that this book has a lot of value for you or anyone wishing high riches in life. Self-Help is a word which many people don't like but I have realized that this is a good word.

If you listen to the podcast "Eventual millionaire" in which Jaime Tardy interviews a numbers of Entrepreneurs(millionaires), this book is among the top recommendations.

Written by Nepolean Hill at  the times when,  Mahatma Gandhi was alive,  I was happy to know that Author himself was a big fan of him. I felt quite proud of being born in India where such inspiring people have lived.

He stated in the book that Mahatma Gandhi is the most powerful man alive till date(when book was wrote), and no doubt he is still regarded as the most influential figure in the Indian history and that is why he is known as the father of Indian nation.

Gandhi was a passive person(as quoted by Hill) still, he was able to get together the 20 crore people to follow him. This book lays 13 principles to get rich, which were passed on to author from the great steel industrialist "Andrew Carnegie" from USA.

First principle which he stated to be "Desire" is supported with the examples of the Thomas A Edison and Edwin C Barnes. Stories from Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie's life is talked about in almost every chapter.

There is one example in which Author talks about his own son, who gets the hearing power in-spite of having no physical ears. He has told the story to tell you that if these principles are used then things which are almost impossible can be achieved.

Author claims to have studied almost 25,000 successful people in his past 25 years to write this book as the final result in the form of a theory to earn the riches. This is going to be a very good read for you or anyone.

I loved the part when Author surrounds(virtually) himself with the people, like Andrew Carnegie, Edison, Henry ford etc. and would have imaginary meetings with them. Later his meetings members increased to a number of about 50. That is a great way to put your mind at work. I loved it, and I hope you also love it.
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